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These wines are available through Riverdale Wines by LCBO Private Order. Delivery time is 8 -10 weeks but some of these wines are available in select LCBO stores. All of these wines are exclusive to Riverdale Wines. To place an order contact us at 416 696 9979 or reach out to one of our team members below. Visa, Mastercard, cheque or PayPal accepted. If you are interested in participating in one of our wine tasting sessions or if you would like to find out more about our culinary tourism, please contact us at the office number for details.

Our Team:

  1. Jerome (Jerry) Gain
  2. jerry@riverdalewines.com
  3. Cell:416 697-2240
  4. Katrina Gall
  5. katrina@riverdalewines.com
  6. Cell: 647 230-8691
  7. Al Jiwa
  8. aljiwa@riverdalewines.com
  9. Cell: 647 546-7279
  10. Tracey Ford
  11. tracey@riverdalewines.com
  12. 416 696-9979
  13. Office: 416 696-9979