Our Team

We make this happen

Jerry (Jerome) Gain

Director of Sales and Marketing

Jerry is the owner of A Perfect Tour – a travel company that specializes in wine adventures. Over his 24 years of travel, he discovered some wonderful wines and has formed relationships with some phenomenal people and wines. This grew into an importing business to try and bring these beautiful products to Ontario. At present his portfolio includes wines from Italy, Greece, and France, but that could change as A Perfect Tour continues to travel to discover these great finds.

Riverdale wines was born as the demand for these phenomenal wines increased and they are now featured on the menus of some pretty fantastic restaurants in the GTA, and as well for your consumption pleasure here.

Riverdale wines also hosts tastings, wine education and we are now on the path to growing our community of wine appreciation (and appreciators!)

Stay tuned for more opportunities to connect with us.

Cin Cin! Sante! Γεια! And of course, Cheers!

Tracey Ford

Director of Operations

Contact for Supply and Operations Questions, and Portfolio Consultation Coordination

Tracey is the heart of Riverdale wines. She brings Jedi-level capabilities to the business end of the business. She handles all matters as they pertain to supply chain, LCBO ordering and processing requests. She has been part of Riverdale Wines from the beginning and is a seasoned warrior (implementor) and aficionado of the A Perfect Tour wine tour experience as well.

Her philosophy, values, empathy, and business experience combine to help our clients get what they want when they need it, and she works with the Riverdale Wines team to build your wine portfolio strategically to maximize your wine sales.

Tracey brings a history of organizational and management experience to our team. She reviews our clients’ needs and makes sure they are satisfied.

Kristina Falcomer

Contact for Sales, New Inquiries and Opportunities to Collaborate

Kristina’s first sip of wine was properly introduced to her at a ripe age of 5 by her Italian Grandfather, Angelo, who made his own hand pressed wines. Never allowed to over-indulge, Kristina grew up in a family who appreciates the good stuff and has spent a lifetime learning to appreciate the great wines of the world.

She brings a passion for wine and food and loves to discuss pairings. She has been blessed with the experience of being part of art and wine tours across Europe, including completing a wine tasting course in Lyon, France with ‘Vine to Wine’ deepening her unique understanding and particular taste in wines. Currently she is finalizing her WSET 1 and is always eager to learn more on the art of wine and the viticulture of the trade.

Kristina’s ninja super-power comes from her ability to overlay her learnings from a 12-year sales and technology career into the world of wine. She brings brilliant creativity to our team and always injects the group with the right “blend” of creativity and sophistication.

Jacqueline Spence

Part-time Product Consultant

Contact for Champagne Sales and Tastings, Wine Experiences in Toronto

Jacqueline is a part of our extended team and brings years of “having been on the happy side of an expense account” in her management and technology consulting career. Over the years of tasting the great wines of the world has pivoted into learning more about this oenological passion. When people have told her she’s knowledgeable about wine, she’ll tell them “Yes, only knowledgeable enough to know how much I don’t know.” She helps us by reviewing wine and leveraging her network of wine drinkers to evangelize the products she loves. She has a special place in her heart for Champagne and will lead future wine experience travel there through A Perfect Tour, to really appreciate the wonder and terroir of Champagne. She loves to educate and share wine experiences with people who want to learn the language of wine appreciation.

She is in the process of completing WSET 3 and has enrolled in Champagne Master as well as her journey of wine learning continues.